Nov 18, 2021

House of Kibaa’s NFT Preview

As we get close to our Membership NFT drop on May 22nd, we want to take a moment to preview some exclusives for our holders.



Our members receive lifetime access to our House of Kibaa NFT airdrops.



Membership owners will have VIP access to this virtual NFT observatory. Get ready to house your NFT collectibles proudly in stellar museum environments.

House of Kibaa NFTs will be used in our AR and VR platforms. Watch for the demo of our VR platform coming in q3 2021. The AR and VR platforms will be released shortly after. Stay tuned as we continue to grow and merge with additional platforms that will host our NFTs.

Here is a preview of our AR app:


Preview of our soon to be launched AR app (some images are placeholders)

Save the date: 5/22/2021 for our first NFT drop! Limited Supply of only 10,000.