Dec 18, 2021

House of Kibaa’s first NFT for AR/VR/MR coming soon

House of Kibaa is a digital studio powerhouse specializing in the creation of exclusive NFTs for Xtended Reality (AR/VR/MR).

Our studio will enable holders the opportunity to express their own individual styles within the blockchain, while providing an array of utilities to use throughout the metaverses.

Display, wear & showcase these NFTs in future AR/VR/XR platforms


House of Kibaa’s collection is comprised of:


And many more to come


House of Kibaa is looking to offer holders a limitless range of unique “add-ons” or “assets” to customize their overall experience in the metaverses. The goal for our NFTs is to be utilized and integrated into platforms like DecentralandAtariSandbox, and others.

Our team is comprised of curated artists with years of experience in the film and game industry under their belt. We will be collaborating with the industry’s top artists, brands and influential members of the community to produce exclusive assets with the highest level of quality and creativity.


With VR technology growing and expanding everyday, we aim to position ourselves in the forefront of unique virtual goods.

See a sneak peak from our environmental artist :

Jacob Fazekas is a phenomenal environmental artist that will be creating House of Kibaa’s NFT Art Gallery. Here you are able to walk around in the gallery in VR. The other NFTs that you have collected in your wallet will be projected in the gallery giving you a place to showcase and view your collection. Concepts will be published in another article.


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