Nov 15, 2021

House of Kibaa x Jacob Fazekas

House of Kibaa is excited to introduce a phenomenal artist that will be working with us to create HOK’s NFT Art Gallery; a VR environment where your NFTs can be displayed and showcased for everyone to view.

Here Jacob has created a board of early concepts for what to expect :

Jacob Fazekas is a professional lighting artist that is also proficient in 3D renderings. His remarkable work with lighting and rendering has produced some of the most breathtaking, stunning works of art. We’re excited to work with him to bring our vision of our own Art Gallery come to life.

About Jacob Fazekas

Jacob is a professional artist from Michigan who specializes in lighting and is set to graduate from Ferris State University in the Fall of 2021. Although he played soccer and wrestled for most of his life, Jacob always had a deep fascination with 3D design, specifically video game design.

At Ferris State University, Jacob expanded his knowledge and skills, and learned what it takes to develop a full fletched video game. He pushed himself to learn all types of 3D styles, which led him to find his true calling: to work as a lighting artist in the industry. Jacob’s passion for 3D design was what helped him grow as an artist and perfect his craft quicker.

Be sure to check out Jacob’s work and give him a follow!

Jacob’s ArtStation | Jacob’s Instagram

Check out some of Jacob’s work below:


About House of Kibaa

House of Kibaa is a digital studio powerhouse specializing in the creation of exclusive NFTs for Xtended Reality (AR/VR/MR).

House of Kibaa aims to revolutionize the concept of digital assets and digital goods. Our studio will enable holders the opportunity to express their own individual styles within the blockchain, while providing an array of utilities to use throughout the metaverses. Be sure to keep a lookout for more articles to come.

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