Nov 11, 2021



House of Kibaa is releasing their highly anticipated 10,000 Gen X sale on the Ethereum network. These avatars will act as Tier-2 memberships to HOK. Not only will they serve as valuable NFT collectibles, but our members will be eligible for exclusive activities within the GenZeroes universe.

Minting notes

Private Sale

Genesis members, partners, and those whitelisted for the private sale will be able to mint on September 28, 2021 at 6:00 PM PST. There will be 2,191 Gen X reserved for Private Sale. The price will be set to 0.08 ETH.

If you are a HOK’s Genesis member, you are already gifted with one specially treated Gen X, and will have access to the Private Sale without having to register.
Please note that if you are whitelisted, this does not guarantee your ability to mint. It will be on a ‘first come first served’ basis, and due to high demand we cannot guarantee that everyone will be able to acquire a GenX. In the unlikely event of any leftover from the private sale, the HOK team will mint the remaining to reserve for future prizes or giveaways.

Public Sale

The Public sale will commence on September 30, 2021 at 6:00 PM PST as a Dutch auction. The price will start at 0.2 ETH. For every 30 minutes, the price will drop by 0.02 ETH, until all the Gen X will have all been minted. Lowest price that it drops to is 0.08 ETH. The maximum number of mints per transaction is 5, with no limit on the number of transactions you can make.
Once minting is completed, you can check your Gen X’s rarity score with

How will I be able to mint Gen X?

Log in to our landing page at to find out more detailed information and minting directions. You would be able to make transactions there during the Private Sale if you are on the whitelist or Public Sale which is not whitelisted.
Note that to be able to mint, we support MetaMask only. Therefore, when you log into the page, follow the instructions, and sign your wallet when prompted.
Once the txn has been confirmed, randomly generated Gen X avatars will be sent to your wallet according to the number of mints you have attempted. Log into OpenSea and check your profile, you will see your successfully minted Gen X there.
If you have your HOK membership in Venly, you have two of the following options: The first option is to send your HOK membership to a Metamask account, while the second one is to export your Venly wallet and import it to your Metamask account.


Each Gen X will be not only be a valuable NFT collectible asset but also acts as an access key to Gen X’s members only channels on HOK’s Discord channel, as well as providing the holder with perks in the near future, such as access to member-only merchandise sales, NFT sales/redemption programs, and extra perks in our VR platform.
Gen X membership holders are also guaranteed with an avatar-ready profile in our Metaverse, as well as being eligible for our future gamification plans.

More Info

For every transaction done on Ethereum, you will have to pay a transaction fee called “Gas”. The price of the fee fluctuates depending on how congested Ethereum is. You can check: to see how much GWEI you should use for gas.
For every resale of a Gen X on OpenSea, there is a small 7.5% fee (2.5% for Opensea, 5% for HOK).
If you wish to send your Gen X to another wallet, log into OpenSea and go to your profile, find your Gen X NFT and click the 3 dots on the top left of the NFT card, and select “Transfer” and paste the Ethereum wallet address you want to transfer to.
If you wish to re-sell your Gen X, log into OpenSea and go to your profile, find your Gen X avatar NFT and click the 3 dots on the top left of the NFT card, and select “Sell” and input how much you want to sell your Gen X for.
To find out more about GenZeroes and Gex X, please visit us at